Encouraging sanitary work practices

OVIN caterers staff members are well equipped and highly trained to practice all the safety norms and Guidelines directed by the WHO, which includes regular hand-washing, keeping a distance of 6 feet or practicing respiratory hygiene, wearing a mask round the clock which provides for mandatory mask-wearing practice while cooking or serving the food. We at OVIN caterers take pride in saying that we have been practicing these habits since the inception of our institution because hygiene practices like wearing a face mask, safe and hygienic cooking practices like wearing hand gloves and keeping the stock and the kitchen area clean are must-have in the food catering industry. Our chefs and waiters go through a routine check-up, which includes measuring temperature using an infrared thermometer. They are briefed about the safety measurement norms that they are supposed to be following, and failing to comply with the same may lead to a punitive action taken by the management.

Promote good respiratory hygiene in the workplace

Respiratory hygiene is the practice of keeping your mouth covered using a medically approved and effective facemask, which prevents the dissemination of droplets or minimizes the impact of the same, in turn avoiding or minimizing the spread of the Virus. It also includes carrying a bottle of sanitizer and a napkin all the time, which is properly washed and disinfected. We also provide face shields and sanitizer to the staff, and we have stringent policies when it comes to applying respiratory hygiene practice.

Our Policies to promote social distancing

No chef or waiter can enter the venue premises to have a body temperature above the prescribed limit.

When it comes to promoting and practicing social distancing and Respiratory hygiene, our staff’s Leniency and ignorance will not be tolerated.

The food counters, if possible, are kept at least 6 feet apart from each other to keeping in mind the safe social distancing practices and guidelines by the WHO.

All our staff members are equipped and well trained to carry out their assigned duties, keeping in mind the precautions and guidelines they have learned during the training programs held by the management of OVIN caterers to keep the staff aware and alert any given circumstance.

We also promote regular and thorough hand-washing practices by employees, contractors, and customers.

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